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Stage and Himanshu are words which go hand in hand. He has been singing since he was long time and his energy and zest has only increased with every performance. Himanshu has performed not only all over India but almost in every Continent. He has toured America, UK, Europe and Etc. He always performs 'Live' with his band which makes him a class apart.

The grandeur of his shows is always compared to star shows as no singer has ever been given such publicity and production value. His shows stretch over 3 and half hours with 2 entries where he alone performs in each segment for over an hour. His excellent rapport with the audience and his energetic acts bowled over the audiences all over the world and the magic continues. Some of his recent memorable and successful tours include so many stages and other reality shows in Gujarat. In 2006, he was also invited U.K to perform at the ceremony along with several other eminent personalities.

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A huge landmark in Himanshu’s career was being invited to perform at the Gujarat’s every corner .Perhaps one could say history had been made. But in a wider context, it was a symbolic moment of the next phase for our music on the world stage - one that will be looked upon often for inspiration. Himanshu wholeheartedly accepted the honour of the stage realizing the immense potential the combination of his celebrity and this exalted platform held, in launching Indian music into the next orbit.



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